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Wills & Estates

Wills and Estates

Failing to create a solid estate plan and directives means your family will have no direction when you pass. In our experience, this can result in huge conflict among family members. Spare your loved ones years of arguments by hiring reliable estate planning professionals.

Wills & Estate Planning


Effective estate planning means being as specific as possible about the most important things. Your Will and estate plan can be amended as relationships change, new family members are born, and life happens.

Don’t put it off

Many people avoid getting a head start on estate planning because they may believe that it’s too ‘early.’ Others don’t want to think about what would happen after their passing.

Regardless of the reasons for avoiding estate planning, deferring it can only make the process more complicated and contentious. When you work with LeClair Thibeault, our Calgary law firm specializes in making the estate planning process as stress-free as possible.

Will Amendments

Another reason why some people put off having a legal Will written is because they don’t quite understand it. They think that a legal Will is an unchanging and unalterable thing. Many people get a false impression because of movie, television, and playwrights who like to use Wills as dramatic plot elements.

While unchanging Wills might make for entertaining TV, amending a Will, in reality, is easy. When circumstances change, LeClair Thibeault can modify your Will.

Avoid hefty tax bills

There is no ‘death tax’ or inheritance tax in Canada. However, the sale of the estate can be subject to certain taxes unless it’s passing to the surviving spouse or common-law partner. Proper estate planning can protect the estate from tax bills. An estate planning law firm will make sure assets are restructured, ensuring that the inheritance is clearly established while also handling other details.

We specialize in handling all of those issues for our Wills and estate planning clients.

Structure the estate to avoid contention

Preventing fights among surviving heirs is often at the top of mind for many clients. The most common cause of conflicts is when major assets are not clearly assigned. Additionally, if there are complicated stipulations, it can result in the heirs getting into disputes with the estate.

Issues related to jointly held property can also cause further confusion. Our Calgary Wills and estate planning practice helps you to avoid these common pitfalls.

areas of expertise

When it comes to protecting your real estate and assets, an experienced Calgary legal team is an invaluable asset.

Real Estate Law

Protect yourself and your property by hiring Calgary’s best real estate law firm. LeClair Thibeault specializes in real property law. We’ll help protect your real estate rights by helping structure the transaction with your best interest in mind. We do this by minimizing risks to you while increasing your gains.

Wills & Estate Planning

Don’t put off your estate planning. Wills can be amended to match life’s changes as they happen. Ensure your assets are protected and executed how you wanted them when you hire an expert estate law firm. With LeClair Thibeault, you can feel confident knowing that inheritance issues won’t disrupt your family.

Foreclosure Defence

No one wants to deal with a foreclosure notice. When it does happen, know you don’t have to do it alone. With LeClair Thibeault, we’re here to fight for your best interests. We’ll help you figure out your housing situation, defend your assets from seizure, and minimize the damage to your credit.

Commercial Law

Commercial real estate law requires experience to ensure your business isn’t on the line. Many of Alberta’s financial institutions put their trust in LeClair Thibeault because they know their business is our business. We will work for you to complete business sales, purchases, secondary lending, and more.

Foreclosure defence

When it comes to defending your property from foreclosure, you need expert legal representation to guide you to the best possible resolution.

Adopting a smart strategy for dealing with your lender and state authorities will increase your chances of reaching a successful resolution with the lender. Strategies include a short sale, loan modification, refinancing agreement, or other methods of resolving the foreclosure.