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Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Whether you need annual filing assistance, tax solutions, or other expert corporate law help, we'll give you uncommonly responsive service.

Corporate Law


Managing a corporation comes with enough of its own challenges. The last thing you should stress about is compliance issues and complex tax problems. Lean on our expertise for corporate law solutions.

Shareholder agreements should leave nothing open to question

Ironing out all the details in a shareholder agreement the first time prevents major ownership disputes in the future once an enterprise succeeds and reaches scale.

Rather than relying on cut-rate legal advice for incorporation and shareholder agreements, consider seeking a customized solution that matches the unique needs of your business and its shareholders. It can reduce your risk of becoming embroiled in a serious dispute over ownership rights. Our Calgary corporate lawyers will work with you every step of the way to ensure the process is Done Now. Done Right®.

Build up your annual filings to stand up to scrutiny

Prevention is better than cure. You want to ensure that your yearly regulatory filings and disclosure letters say everything they need to, to cut down on your legal liabilities. Our corporate law team will keep your paperwork in order to help your business avoid costly commercial litigation in the future.

LeClair Thibeault will help you reduce your risk, reduce fines you might need to pay, and more. Get it done right every time with our corporate law services.

Reduce unnecessary tax burden

Many corporations pay more in tax than is necessary. When it comes to taxes, you need it Done Now. Done Right®. LeClair Thibeault can help you structure your corporation for tax efficiency and handle international tax matters so that you reduce your foreign tax burden. Additionally, our corporate lawyers will ensure that you qualify for deductions, subsidies, and more.

Resolve back taxes and tax litigation

If your corporation owes back taxes or has encountered a problem with Canadian tax authorities, there is a path for you back into compliance. We’ll secure the best terms that are legally feasible to get your company back on track. Our tax lawyers can explain complex issues to you in a way you can understand while helping you navigate through the tax law.

You don’t need to be a tax expert yourself to benefit from our advice. Our tax solutions can pay for themselves quickly.

areas of expertise

When it comes to protecting your business or real estate, experience is an invaluable asset. As a top law firm in Alberta, we have the expertise you can trust to get the job done right.

Real Estate Law

While low legal fees can be tempting, you do get what you pay for. A mortgage requires more than obtaining a low-interest rate. Our real estate lawyers will ensure tax efficiency, minimize hidden fees, and protect your real estate rights. We also structure transactions to help you increase your gains while reducing your risks.

Wills & Estate Planning

A well-planned estate can make the difference between a smooth and drama-free transfer of assets and a multi-decade long conflict among family members. Our expert estate lawyers will ensure that inheritance issues won’t disrupt your family harmony. When drafting a will, it’s critical that it be Done Now. Done Right.®

Foreclosure Defence

You still have rights after being served a foreclosure notice. The critical first step is hiring a legal firm that can help you understand those rights and find a resolution that works for all parties. With LeClair Thibeault, we’ll minimize damage to your credit, and defend your assets from seizure.

Commercial Law

At LeClair Thibeault, our commercial lawyers assist you with business sales and purchases, commercial purchases, secondary lending, refinancing, and more. There’s a reason why Alberta’s leading financial institutions trust us above most other area law firms. When your business is on the line, get it right the first time.

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