COVID-19 – Client/Staff Safety Measures

Taking Precautions for Everyone’s Protection

At LeClair Thibeault, we have been working hard to understand what it is our clients, our staff and our neighbours are dealing with in COVID-19 and how best to provide necessary services in a safe manner. Lawyers have been identified as an essential service as there remain legal issues and transactions that need to close.

We have resisted the urge to outline our specific procedures until we were clear as to what was and is required to protect all of us in this situation. We are certain that there will changes and improvements in the process going forward as we learn more.

We are committed to the following procedures to ensure your safety in accessing legal services with us:

  1. All staff excluding 1 member and a lawyer are now in our office. All other staff are remotely established and working from their homes;
  2. All client document review meetings are done remotely with one of our lawyers;
  3. After the remote review of documents, a formal meeting to execute documents is made with only pages that require client signatures presented;
  4. Only 1 client is allowed into the boardroom at a time with any other clients remaining either in their vehicle or at a safe distance from any staff members;
  5. Funds to our office are only accepted electronically via direct deposit or wire;
  6. Staff members are committed to hand washing prior to and after the handling of any documents and after any client meeting;
  7. Hand sanitizer is provided to each client prior to touching or executing any documents;
  8. Clients are encouraged to bring and retain their own pen or if they are unable to pens that have not been touched for over 72 hours are available;
  9. Client IDs are confirmed visually and then photographed without the exchange of cards;
  10. Throughout meetings no physical contact whatsoever with recognition of physical distancing guidelines;
  11. After each meeting any surface touched by clients is formally sanitized with commercial grade cleaners – we have taken steps to ensure that clients do not touch any other surface whatsoever in our office other than the boardroom table;
  12. Any other surfaces touched by staff or potentially clients are disinfected on a continual basis;
  13. Where any clients are showing signs of infection or subject to quarantine a separate formal process to execute documents is in place outside of the office that ensures the safety of our clients and our staff; and
  14. In most cases, documents are quarantined for 36-48 hours to minimize potential exposure to our staff and to our legal industry colleagues

We are committed to your health and safety and to that our staff. We believe that these precautions, though necessary, will allow us to continue to provide important legal services to our most valued clients and to our real estate industry partners.

Be safe, be healthy and be Canadian by taking to heart the concerns and needs of other members of this great community and country. To all of you in the medical field, the supply chain and front line workers, you have our utmost respect and support.